The Mooreliving systems and products are world leading and unique in the production of precast, insulated concrete panel homes and units. Moore living has been perfecting all aspects of production through to installation over the last 20 years hence minimising your risk. Unlike traditional building methods, the Mooreliving systems have several key advantages.


Mooreliving HomeProven Technology

All the Mooreliving systems are covered by world wide Patents and with over 5000 homes constructed, you know that these methodologies are well tested. All Mooreliving products  under go rigorous testing to ensure that they meet and exceed existing industry standards.

Unique production method

Panel Production

Due to the demand for our technology, these systems have been tested & adapted to operate under differing requirements. Such as allowing for production in different climates  (Heated floor moulds & different concrete additives for cold climates). Our molds can also be re-used after only one day which greatly increase our production, with our latest mold system, we have increased this to several times a day. It also features a unique design that allows for the removal of panels allowing vertical drying & a stronger product.

Panel Production


By using precast concrete we gain efficiencies that facilitate quality & cost control while maintaining high production volumes under all weather conditions. Our systems allow for greater profitabilty than traditional systems because more house can be produced with few staff.


Safe from the Elements

HurricaneAll Mooreliving systems have under gone testing against environmental forces. It provides protection from hurricane force winds upto 288kph (179mph) and earthquake resistant upto category 5.

Of all construction materials, concrete is one of the most resistant to heat and fire, as it doesnt break down till exposed to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit (far more than is present in the typical house fire). It is proven more resistant to allowing fire to pass from one side of the wall to the other. This is especially of interest in high density urban areas and in areas with bush fires are present.

Unlike wood structures, Mooreliving homes are impervious to vermin infestation due to the lack of wall cavaties and their inability to burrow through concrete. Termintes are also no problem because Mooreliving homes can be created with using any form of wood.

Mooreliving house in Snow


This provides a greater level of energy efficency then standard buildings and offers substantial saving on the cost of heating (44% less) or air conditioning (32% less). It also offers a sound rating of STC50+ depending on the requirements.


Homes created using a Mooreliving system can take any shape and be any size. The internal layout is completely flexible due to the fact that there are no load bearing internal walls, we can even show you how to use your existing plans to save on the cost of redesign.

House under construction

Rapid Construction

The Mooreliving systems offer a very rapid construction system, which offers huge savings in the overall construction project. Erection can go from floor slab to roof height in as little as 1- 2 days, thus providing protection to workers that minimizes non productive inclement weather down time. It also over comes the restrictions by storages of bricks & bricklayers.

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