Mooreliving offers a full line of mold systems for a variety of applications. The HMS Series is the original mold system and the corner stone on which Mooreliving developed its technology. 

Moorelivings current line of the HMS Series is the latest in bed technology and features a variety of hydraulic tilt demolding processes. It offers all the benefits of standard bed mold systems with several added enhancements. 

It provides a highly customisable system from which to build, with the capability to cast not just standard, but also roof, floor and odd shaped panels.  

Mooreliving has incorporated technological advances in the HMS Series that enable the highest quality production. 

Due to the demand for this technology, these systems have been tested & adapted to operate under a variety of conditions. Such as allowing for production in different climates  (Heated molds & concrete additives). 

The molds can also be re-used after only one day which greatly increases production. 

The HMS Series of molds are designed to work with Moorelivings magnetic edge form system. This is a fast reusable forming system that allows panels to be setup for pouring in as little as 15 minutes.

The HMS Series has been developed to work in conjunction with the Mooreliving Building Systems. 

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