Gavin MooreThe story of Mooreliving begins in 1985, having spent years working in the construction industry, Gavin Moore was looking for a better way to build and after several years of research and innovation he developed his building system for Insulated Precast Concrete panels which was patented in 1989.

Gavin then spent the next few years refinined his Insulated Precast construction methods, which lead to the formation Mooreliving New Zealand. Through this company Gavin franchised the technology to builders all over New Zealand. To date Mooreliving has constructed over 5000 contemporary designed homes, making it the largest concrete home builder in Australasia.

In 2003, Mooreliving branched out into commercial residential developments in Queenstown and Auckland and constructed over 400 high end residential units ranging in price from $450,000 NZD to $1.2 Million NZD.

In order to achieve this our production capacity had to effectively be doubled. Through this process we discovered new insights into the supply of precast panels and developed improved molding techniques and magnetic edge form systems to help accomplish this.

In 2008, Gavin Moore sold Mooreliving NZ to the largest franchisee so he could devote more of his time improving precast construction systems. After the successes in the New Zealand market, Mooreliving now aims to supply high volume precast homes through out the world.

To achieve a solid infrastructure in which Mooreliving homes can be seen as a major market force. We are currently working with partners in Australia, India, Africa and the UAE to increase our production bases and open into ever expanding markets.

In 2007, Mooreliving secured its first contract in India for 120,000 low cost homes for the poor in the state of Andhra Pradesh, but due to political unrest this project was delayed. During this time we had our technology religiously tested and certified by the Indian Government.

In 2009, Mooreliving expanded into the Australian Market and opened our plant in Perth. At this facility we introduced some of our latest technical advancements in precast construction. This was the first deployment of the VMS line of molds and the launch of our transportable precast building system called M³.

From Perth we were transporting 100% finished Cube M³ units to various locations in the remote north of Australia and to date have successfully completed several developments in Port Hedland and Karratha.

2012 saw the launch of the M³ System in India with the Bangalore Development Authority approving the use of it for a 1,520 unit development in Alur. In order to achieve this Mooreliving commenced construction of its first plant in Bangalore, when completed it will have the capacity to produce over 60 apartments per week.

In late 2013, Mooreliving partnered with Gowri Infra Engineers Pvt. Ltd. who licensed the M³ Technology for us in the state of Karnataka.


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